Tuesday, August 6, 2019


FROM:  Jahne Hope-Williams <yogabeautiful.com.au
TO: THE GOD - (The one who art in heaven)
DATE:  Wednesday. 2.32pm
SUBJECT:  Where are you?

The last time I asked “where are you?” I got thrown through the wall – today I am sitting (I have had the wall fixed), and everything seems OK.

You have heard from me before – many times.  I am writing to you because I am hoping we can establish a more to-and-fro style of relationship.  Not just me chatting to you, and getting thrown through the wall, which I explained away as “an accident of energy”.

I know the thunder and brimstone reputation you have, and the meek and mild reputation of your Son (which bye the way I don’t believe), however with the growth of Christian Television and of course “Hillsong” you obviously are spending most of your time in their corner of the ring, which explains why the world is going to “hell in a handbasket” as they say (whoever “they” are).

I am going to be a pest. Up front. Taking no nonsense.  I would like in return to receive the “basic package” and if possible on a FREE TRIAL basis.  I expect my days to be micromanaged (after I have filled in my “God Column” in my diary of course), I would like the stuff that I need help with to be done (as per the aforesaid diary) , and for a change, I would like you to accept the blame if it all goes pear-shaped.  If you are there for me I will be there for you.  

I am looking forward to this.  It is going to be harder than I thought.  Second guessing God is a new experience for anyone.

If you could give me a sign, or answer directly like you used to in the old days, that would be good. I already speak with angels, so it will have to be a step up from that….

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


J.                I love the story about  how a grub becomes a butterfly.  It so much is about me.  All my life I have THOUGHT my way into everything whilst saying that I was feeling (of course).  What you said about our parents influence is so perfect.  That my mother was my primary influence, followed by my father who checked with my mother before he spoke to me…  I saw that he had no power, and believed that applied to all men.    I always equated love with abandonment, love with pain, developed huge fear to avoid feeling either, and have cleverly locked myself away from major love and major feelings.  But, I am gradually pulling those walls down.  It is not easy, but it probably is the greatest journey of my life.  From my head to my heart.

S.               We in the celestial spheres welcome you.  It has been such a long time since we were able to speak to you, and we have missed your gracious presence.  You were so beautiful when you were here, but had so much you wanted to learn.  You could have learned it here, but that was not difficult enough for you.  You are doing well with the difficulties you have had to face.

Your mother says hello.  She has repented for what she did and was present when you forgave her.  It was an emotional moment which we will not forget.  There were many spirits around who also were very moved and were able to unlock many of their feelings too, so we have great thanks to you. 

You have made great strides in the last month with regards to your  own spiritual development, and have quite a way to go.  But know you are on the right path now.  You have felt .

Your brother in the celestial sphere sends you his love as do your sons who passed over.  You will soon be able to see them.  They are fine boys, sorry men.  They would not like to be called boys. 

Please let Damien know that we are working with his daughter.  She is quite an advanced spirit (on the 6th level), and wants to let him know that all is well.  The more he contacts and works with “Trevor” the closer he will become to being able to speak directly with her.  He as yet is not advanced to that point, but it is not long away if he keeps on the path.

Use the time over Christmas well to write up the restorative booklet and catch up with AJ’s work.  You have an invitation to qld, and this would be a great opportunity to catch up in person.  I know the time will come when you two will meet.    I am aware that you always thought that you were the Jesus.  That was not right but it was not wrong.  All will become clear soon.  Faith and trust.  You were a great being, however, there is a lot to repent and much to forgive.   You are in the right place.

Grandma Pearce is here.  She has been here a very long time, but is not yet able to accept the teachings in their completeness.  There is no hurry.  Your father (her son) who was in great distress for most of his time on earth is coming to terms with that life and his present life.  He could not accept God on earth, and it will take him a long time here.  However, he has found a soul mate, and I think that  he is happy for the first time.      If only he could know the beauty that awaits him when he advances in love and trust.  But he is happy where he is, and will move when it is time.  As we have said many times – there is no hurry.

We are pleased that you have become such a wonderful spiritual resource for your students, and those who come to you (even though they may not know why).  The more you advance the more you can help them.  It is fear that is holding you back.  We are all watching and waiting for the time when you will join us. 

Friday, December 18, 2015


J.                 Here I am again Lord.  I said I would be back, and the honey harvest and a bit of cooking for Christmas not withstanding, here I am..  I have had a most wonderful time with my students, clients and friends, thanks to you and the messages being brought to me.  The most endearing was the guy who said he couldn’t believe in you, and therefore couldn’t talk to you.  I suggested that he call you Trevor (he had intimated previously that he thought it was a great name).  Last night as you know I got an email from the guy “I spoke to Trevor, it was fantastic, thank you”. 

Then there was the fantastic learning you gave me about the  “other side”.  The spirit world, reincarnation, and levels of awareness.  I had begun to address that about 20 years ago.  I know, it takes me longer.  But what I had thought and experienced is true, and I am giving my next lessons, and the next DVD based on that.  The messages are coming fast now.  I am, cleaning up my act, diet (and busy-ness) wise, everything I thought was ME....so I guess there is less clutter in the way.  The messages are clearer.  And I am more confident delivering your teachings.  Three times yesterday when I was out shopping people came up to me and thanked me for the messages, and gave me some rather wonderful validation.  The work has started.  I even feel more confident in white.  The dream I have been having since I was a wee child is starting to materialise.  I am starting to work with it, rather than run away from it.

S:               Welcome back daughter.  Know you that I am always with you.  Know you in your heart, not just your head.  The path is opening out before you and pleased I am that you have begun to walk it.  Now we can speak together as we never have and you can see me as you have never seen me.  Know you that  this is available to everyone who would walk the narrow path as you are doing.  To everyone who would long for DIVINE LOVE, to everyone who would long for DIVINE TRUTH.  Not just want it.  Not just think about it, BUT as you my daughter are feeling and doing, the deep longing. The longing of your soul  The longing that is your precious soul  Welcome home.


J                 When I read that Neale Donald Walsh went two weeks without writing to you I found it hard to believe, and here I am, I have done the same thing.    Once again I am running out the door to class.  We have been having such a wonderful time together NOT ON THE BLOG, I have to make time for both.  I am sure we will find a way (I will find a way).  I will snuggle down in your love this afternoon – I have it all to ourselves, and this is where I will be.  Sitting with you.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


J.                 What an amazing few days.  You have said that time is speeding up, and it certainly seems that way right now.  I have so much to do.  Thank goodness for the Christmas break.  I know. .. you have often said that we are the craziest people in any Universe – we have managed to measure things that are clearly not there, time and space for instance, but it is good when you can see that up a head is some free time to catch up.  Even if actually it does not exist.  We are so used to seeing it, that it does!

S.               Imagine how much time you would have if you took off your watch, and just did what you wanted with time, and  completed things as they appeared.  One step then the next step then the next step.   No need to know what was around the corner.  Once you got used to it, wouldn’t it be a better way?

J.                It is appealing, but we would all have to do it?  Right now Debbie doesn’t wear a watch, and she loves it, but I admit to fining it difficult.  She is always running slightly later than the rest of the world.  Well, not running exactly, just out of step.  It has been a learning curve for me, and I am not sure I could do without a watch as I have too many things that happen in a day that need me to know what time it is.

S.               Thursdays you don’t wear a watch, and here it is, the day nearly finished and you have done EVERYTHING you planned haven’t you.  More than you planned actually because you just did one thing after the other and FELT RELAXED.

J.                I will give it some thought.  Maybe during the holidays I can try more than one day and see how I go.  As an artist it would be easy, but not as a teacher with people waiting I think…

Sunday, November 29, 2015


J.                 It’s Monday already.  Another full day.   I was out in the garden this morning and thought about how untidy it gets without constant or regular attention.  I have been putting ALL of my attention into meditation, yoga classes and speaking with you here on the computer and in my special place, that I have just not paid enough attention to the wonderful garden you gave me to look after..  I wanted a garden, you gave me a garden, I worked on it, but over the past 6 months it has slipped.  I must factor it in to my day.  I don’t do anything well without a plan, and I will plan to be a garden person every day, even for just half an hour.  It would make a big difference.  I can make all the excuses – mosquitos, midges etc – but the fact is I took my eye off the ball.

S.               It is a metaphor for a lot of lives isn’t it.  People ask  me for a bigger house, or a better car or whatever, and as soon as they have them (after a month or so of care), they let things slip as they look for the next thing.  It is about a plan.  You don’t plan to fail you fail to plan, you tell others that.  Even that small time you spent in the garden this morning made a big difference.

                  The Restorative Introduction and class .. What a splendid addition the Sunday class has turned out to be.  A full class tells you that doesn't it?  Pre-christmas and the class is overflowing.  It was wonderful being with the whole class yesterday.  It makes such a difference when the whole class is engaged in the work of The Spirit.  You can tell that your students felt it too from the feedback you had this morning.    The student who said “thank goodness I am learning with you – so few schools teach REAL YOGA.  The deeper philosophy of Bhakti”.  It has taken a long while, a very long while in your years, but now you are beginning to not only “hold the space” but fill it.    Welcome to THE WORK.  Others will join you.

Have I told you about "The School of the Spirit".  A couple of the students caught on, they felt it, they saw it and were talking about it in class yesterday.  All you have to do it to bring it into the real world, that will be your work.  THE WORK.  .  You have everything you need to do that NOW DO IT!  I will be with you every step of the way.     

Like the garden, start a plan.  You have it in your mind, you can see it and have seen it for a long time – the time is right.  It can happen, and you have everything you need, even the space and the support of everyone around you.  They don’t know what they are waiting for, but you do.  I can't wait to see you put it into action.  You are a spark of the Universe, shine, manifest.

Years ago you did a painting of Jesus and Peter in the boat (It is hidden at the back of a container at the present).  You know the story about "casting the net and catch".   It is time to cast the net in a different way than you have even done before.  Dream it, then do it..